The Real Rudy’s – Hell’s Kitchen NYC

In NYC/Hells Kitchen there is a Bar & Grill that has amazing history. This legendary New York watering hole is called Rudy’s. It was made “famous” by The Westies, the Irish Mobsters that worked Hell’s Kitchen starting in mid 60’s..

Rudy's Bar & Grill - Hell's Kitchen NYC

Legend has it that one of the Westies brought a bowling bag with a head in it to Rudy’s.. He rolled the head down the bar and the tough guys sitting there never missed a beat and started buy the severed head of an old buddy shots.

I’m happy to say that I survived my visit to Rudy’s today… My buddy Mark Jeffers and enjoyed a frothy beverage and an official Rudy’s hot dog.. We even had the honor of discussion the merits of the San Antonio Spurs with singing homeless guy that we met during our adventure.

Notice the fine upholstry on the booth.. Only the finest duct tape holds these babies together..

The limited Edition - Duct Tape Booth

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