NewTek @ NAB

Last night the NewTek party was awesome! Thanks to all my friends out ther that attended. Kiki was in her usual form, entertaining the crowd with her unstoppable energy.

Kiki & Philip debut TimeWarp
Left to Right:
Kiki Stockhammer, TimeWarp & Philip Nelson

Some Cool announcements from NewTek

TriCaster Broadcast – A new TriCaster that features SDI In/Out, SDI Preview out and more.

TriCaster 2.0 – There is a bunch of cool stuff here but I’m going to say just one thing.. FLASH Streaming

LiveText – Remote titling software for TriCaster. Allows CG to be created on another computer and integrated into TriCaster in REAL TIME

TimeWarp – A hardware/software Instant replay addon for TriCaster. AWESOME tool. Going to be HUGE for TriCaster users.

3D Arsenal 2.0 – New version of 3D Arsenal that is based on the LightWave 9 code base.

We have also announced to graphic packs for the sports market! 5 New sports virtual sets and 12 graphic templates for 3D Arsenal.

More to come throughout the week!

Hope to see you on the show floor.

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