Spurs beat Suns for Game of a Lifetime..

I was lucky enought be have tickets for today’s Round 1, Spurs vs Suns game in San Antonio. As the Spurs came out with ZERO fieldgoals almost 6 minutes into the game and were still only down by 6.. I felt it would be a LONG painful day for the Spurs.. I’m glad that my initial feeling was wrong..

Philip & Amanda at Spurs vs Suns

In double overtime, Spurs beat the Suns to go 1-0 for the playoff series.. Clutch 3 pointers from both Michael Finley and Tim Duncan (Yes you read that right, Tim Duncan) were the keys to the Spurs keeping things alive.

This was a real nail biter.. Manu hit a bucket to pull the Spurs ahead by two and the Suns were unable to hit the buzzer beater to win..

Tuesday night should be a real BATTLE!

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