Google Health admits that they MAY share your health records.

One of the reasons I’m against webservices is that you are “handing over” the keys to your kingdom and hoping that the company you rent your service from does a good job protecting it… It’s amazing how frequently companies give their customer databases to web 2.0 companies..

Google Health

Google’s recently announced “Google Heath” promises to help you organized your medications, allergies, procedures, immunizations and more.. If you take time to read their FAQ, it gets a little concerning..

Click here to read it for yourself

“7. How does Google Health protect the privacy of my health information?

You should know two main things up front:

We will never sell your personal health information or data
We will not share your health data with individuals or third parties unless you explicitly tell us to do so or except in certain limited circumstances described in our privacy policy.
We make it a point to let you know what information we collect when you use Google Health, how we use it, and how we keep it safe.”

The certain limited circumstances is what concerns me.. Privacy Policies change… Who’s to say what will be allowable 12 months from now..

I personally think that anyone who uses this service is a information idiot…

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