Brandy Roell, Mother of three and SAPD officer – Shot in the line of duty.


My wifes best friend, Brandy Roell a 30 year old rookie with the San Antonio Police Department was shot on Monday night while trying to issue a warrant for Alex Vargas.

Update 10/6/09:
Many of these stories have incorrect information, including the stories from 2009. After Brandy was shot and laying at the bottom of the stairs, she crawled out to the door of the house before being pulled to safety. I hate to see the news media take anything away from Brandy’s AMAZING story!

Officer Brandy Roell on graduation day from the San Antonio Police Academy

Officer Brandy Roell on graduation day from the San Antonio Police Academy

Here are links to stories from the San Antonio Express News:

September 8th – KZEP
Two Officers Shot by Southside Sniper

September 9th -12:15pm
Two Officers Shot on Southside

September 9th – Houston Examiner (Link Expired)
3 San Antonio Officers Wounded

September 9th – KSAT 12
Gunman Dies in Police Standoff

September 9th – MSNBC
Police Stage Daring Rescue During Shootout (Link Expired)

September 9th – Fort Mill Times
3 San Antonio Officers Wounded(Link Expired)

September 9th – 1:19pm
Arrest Turns Violent – Gunman Injures Rookie and Veteran

September 8th – VIDEO
Neighborhood shocked by police-involved shootings

September 10th – 12:00am
Police work tough, too often thankless
(Open letter to the police officers who put their lives on the line every day)

September 10th – 12:00am
Risking their lives, officers deserve more than thankfulness

September 10th – 12:00am
Man’s Violent Story ended in fatal siege

September 10th 1:37am – VIDEO
Officers still in hospital after brutal South Side shootout(Link Expired)

September 11 12:00am
Desperate SAPD rescue a chilling tale
( Amazing story about how Brandy was rescued)

September 12 12:00
Warning signs missed before attack?
(Article about the buildup to the shootout)

September 12 12:00
Preparing for the extreme
(Story about how SWAT members train)

September 28, 2009
Member of SAPD earns top honor

September 30 , 2009
Heroic rescue under gunfire earns SA Policeman “Officer of the Year” honors

October 4, 2009
America’s Top Police Officers

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