Eva Longoria Parker – Rocks Leno

Was watching Leno tonight and Eva Longoria Parker made an appearance to promote an upcoming awards show.

Being a Spurs fan, I know who she is but I’ve never seen her do an interview before. I must admit, she seems like a VERY COOL person! Even shock comedian Russell Brand didn’t get to her with his off color jokes. I love the way she ended the interview.. She reaches into her shirt and pulls out some M&M’s to give to Jay and Russell.. 

Great interview! Way to go Tony. She seems totally cool!

As my blog readers know, I’m heading to LA this week as a Technical Consulatant for the MTV VMA’s.. Our hotel is right around the corner from Eva’s restaurant Beso.  Because of her coolness, I’m going to take as my people as I can round up for dinner there.. That is IF we can get in!
Link to Beso info HERE

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