America.. The land of Independence.. for now

Was reading an article from the about the “Changes” coming to Alligator, Mississippi, where a young new politician defeated the old mayor of 30 years.  It’s exciting to see someone take the initiative to try to help their dying town but some comments in the article from the new mayor, Tommie “Tomaso” Brown bothered me.

“I just want the people to be comfortable. Small towns like this depend on government funding and that’s what we’re seeking.”

The town’s facilities were substandard, he said, gesturing towards the humble town hall, where a “No Loitering” sign is nailed next to the door. “There isn’t even a phone or a fax machine in there. How can we communicate with the outside world and ask for things?”

It’s shocking to me that he feels that his job as mayor is to “ask for things” and expects to the federal government to give him cash. I hate to say it but I’m starting to see this attitude pop up more and more from individuals, companies, cities and states. What ever happened to the “good ole’ American work ethic”?

If we aren’t careful, next July 4th, we may be wishing everyone a “Happy Dependance” day!

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