Atlantis – Swimming with Manta Rays

Yesterday, I had a free hour and decided to do a quick swim with the sea life at “The Dig”. Getting in the water I cut my ankle on a rock and was a little apprehenisve about swimming with sharks while I had a bleeding cut. Fortunatley, I wasn’t attacked.  The 1 hour snorkeling tour was probably the best $79 I’ve spent in quite some time.


Philip Nelson is ready to see what awaits below the surface


Sharks swim around The Dig


Philip brings a message of PEACE to the Bahamas


The Dig holds many mysterys

Manta Ray

10 ft wide Manta Rays are amazing to see in person.

Sharks and Sting Rays

Sharks and Sting Rays living together in harmony


Swimming with the Manta Rays was the highlight of my trip to Miss Universe!

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