Discovering Atlantis: Behind the Scenes at the Miss Universe Pageant

Ahh.. The life.. I’m here in Atlantis on Paradise Island in the Bahamas where TriCaster will be holding down the stream duties. Sunday August 16th will be the Presentation Show and for the first time in Miss Universe history, fans from around the globe will be able to watch the event LIVE..

Throughout the weekend, i’ll be posting pics. I’ll go ahead and warn you, I’m really can’t show behind the scenes contestant shots because that would all need to get approval from MUO.

Philip & Amanda arrive at Atlantis

Philip and Amanda arrive at the Atlantis Hotel and Casino

Bahamian Taxi

Had a little break so we headed downtown


Police direct traffic on Bay St.


The Straw Market is a popular souvenir stop for tourists


Philip Nelson sits on his Atlantian Throne.. Peace!


When Puffer Fish attack!!!


When attacked by an Atlantean warrior, Philip shows that he too is a brave warrior.


The view from the VIP room during a Miss Universe private party at the Aura Club.


Philip & Amanda Nelson enjoy the party.


Hangin' with Miss Universe, Dayana Mendoza, Amanda Nelson & Philip Nelson


Philip hanging out at the beach


The aquarium at The Dig - Atlantis


Feeding the Manta Ray at The Dig - Atlantis Resort & Casino

On Stage at Miss Universe

On stage at the Miss Universe Pageant.. Yes.. I'm flexing.. LOL

In the Truck

Philip Nelson and Colin Hornett with TriCaster at Miss Universe 2009


TriCaster handles streaming in the Miss Universe Truck


Drunk man on beach that was buried by unruly kids.

I’ll be posting more pics thorough out the weekend. check back!

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