Review: Astro Boy is quality family entertainment!

Astro Boy is good clean family fun!

Astro Boy is good clean family fun!

In an age when cartoons aren’t always for kids and Hollywood “dirties up” everything, I was actually nervous about what the remake of Tesuka’s Astro Boy may be. My entire family loves the original Astro Boy cartoons and as a parent, I appreciate the wholesomeness and positive messages from this classic. Would modern day Astro Boy hold true?

The answer is a resounding YES!

What is the movie about?
In the future, Robots do everything for humans and after the world’s brightest robotics expert loses his son, he tries to create the prefect robot son hoping that it can fill the void. After realizing that nothing can take the place of his son, he casts off the robot boy and this is where the adventure begins. Selfless acts, generosity, trust and forgiveness are virtues that are central themes to this awesome family film.

If you are looking for a fun family movie that is appropriate for all ages, Astro Boy is it!

Watch the trailer below

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