Behind the scenes at ESPN Winter X Games


Philip Nelson & Noel at ESPN Winter X Games

Philip & Noel Nelson at Buttermilk. Getting ready for the ESPN Winter X Games

I’m here in Aspen, Co getting ready for TriCaster’s big debut at the ESPN Winter X Games! Wow! What an exciting project to be involved with!

Everyone knows about the television broadcast but unless you have attended one of these events, most don’t realize that there is another show being made… In Venue video!

With thousands of fans on site to be part of the action, there is no way that everyone can have a front row seat. That is where the LED video boards come in. TriCaster is powering the in venue video for the first time at Winter X! I’ll try to post some cool pics and stories of the action here in Aspen throughout the weekend.

One lesson that I’ve learned so far.. Dr. Martins are HORRIBLE on the ice and snow. I’ve busted twice.. Not just a slip but a feet above head wipeout. I have a feeling I’ll be buying some different boots just to survive the week.



Inside the TriCaster Trailer

TriCaster, 3Play and Live make up each of the two TriCaster production teams.


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