Getting Tazed at Into Tomorrow

Just arrived in Vegas and my first stop was to visit with Dave Graveline for his worldwide radio broadcast. Note: They also stream the show using TriCaster.

Rob gets Tazed

Rob Almanza gets tazed as Philip Nelson and a security guard help him fall safely to the floor.

The interview before mine was with the guys from Tazer and they were doing a demo of Into Tomorrow staffers getting “Tazed”. Into Tomorrow Senior Producer, Rob Almanza was one of the willing volunteers to get Tazed. As he collapsed to the ground, he shouted “Don’t taze me Bro”.. Good times at CES.

I seriously thought about volunteering to be tazed but the though of uncontrollable urination in the middle of the show floor didn’t quite appeal to me. 😉

More CES madness to come.

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