Movie making insanity – The Human Centipede

Found a link to this on a friends site, Dangerous Minds. This is one of those ideas that leave you wondering, how on earth anyone could get funding for such a weird idea..

We were warned this film was coming. A crazed German doctor kidnaps three people and surgically joins them together, mouth to anus, to create a three part creature. The doctor feeds the first person. The second is fed through their mouth being attached to the first’s anus, and they in turn feed the third person in the same way.

We saw a few pictures and it looked… well, as vile as you’d imagine. Now the trailer’s out, so you can see for yourself.

If I’m ever kidnapped and turned into a human centipede, I have just one request.. Please let me be the first in line! LOL! Check out the original article HERE

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