The art of beer throwing!

Layovers in an airport can be boring and irritating. Add flight delays to that and the fun compounds.. During a recent delay at DFW, I sat down at the TGI Friday’s bar to have lunch and catch up on some email.. Imagine my shock when the bartender fills up a glass, places a coster over the open top of the glass then THROWS the full glass of beer to another bartender standing about 20 feet away. It wasn’t just a toss. He sent the glass tumbling end over end until it reached the hands of the receiver. Not missing a beat, the receiving bartender caught the glass, takes off the coaster and serves it to a patron. Everyone sitting at the bar was just as shocked as me. I was able to talk Magic into doing it one more time for my camera.. ENJOY!

Rumor has it for the right tip, the bartender, Magic will attempt the legendary Beer Throw with the behind the back catch. Want to witness beer throwing? Visit TGI Friday’s at the DFW Airport Terminal A Gate 23.. Trust me, It’s worth the ride on skylink! 😉
Make sure you tell him Philip sent you!

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