Is Iron Man 2 family appropriate?

Iron Man 2 has been hammered a bit by critics so I wasn’t expecting much when I purchased my ticket.  Considering that Tony Stark is a hard drinking womanizer, I don’t believe anyone has delusions of Iron Man 2 being a Disney style family film. After hitting a midnight showing, I’m excited to say that director/actor Jon Favreau was able to deliver an Iron Man story that is packed with a thrill a minute and is appropriate for almost all ages.

Bad language, romance and adult situations were all kept to a surprising minimum. A handful of curse words, a few kisses and it quick shot of Scarlett Johansson changing clothes.  In this scene, she was probably wearing more that you may see on a trip to the beach. The film gets it’s PG-13 rating from the insane action and gunplay.

In an age of “SEXING” up everything, it was nice to see the restraint that Mr. Favreau showed with this film.

I hope that Iron Man 2 is an INSANE commercial success and gives Hollywood more incentive to create action packed family appropriate films. Grab the kids and head to the theater for the best action movie of the summer!


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