Review: Captain Marvel – Boring script, cardboard acting with a couple bright spots.

I went into Captain Marvel with high hopes that it would hold up to other Marvel movies but was unpleasantly surprised by how bad it actually was. The main character, Captain Marvel was almost boring. I don’t recall a single time where I cared about the character or actually worried about her.  The script felt like it was written by committee with the goal of inserting a new character into the Marvel Comics Universe at all costs. Now we are stuck with this poorly written character as the savior of the universe. Contrast this to Guardians of the Galaxy which was fantastic film leaving viewers hoping that the Guardians would appear in the next film. There were a few bright spots in the movie that I actually enjoyed. I think the cat was the most interesting character in Captain Marvel and getting a glimpse into the origin of Nick Fury was pretty cool.

I put this one right up there on the level of Nick Cage’s Ghost Rider. If you love the MCU, go see it but it’s more worth waiting for it to arrive on Netflix.

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