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I have released a new single to honor our deployed troops! “Christmas I’m Away”

My new single, “Christmas, I’m Away” is now available on iTunes.. Apple always beats Amazon to the punch.. This a song is for our deployed troops who are serving our country away from their families during the holidays. Co-written with Brian Irwin and recorded in Nashville. Download on iTunes

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4 Women – 4 Stringed instruments – INSANITY

These 4 women are ROCK STARS! WOW!

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Peter Himmelman “For Musicians, Singers, and the People Who Love Them”

My good friend and music mentor, Peter Himmelman is one of the biggest thinkers I know. He is in that rare group of friends that will listen to anything he has to say. Yesterday he did a post on his blog called, “For Musicians, Singers, and the People Who Love Them”. In this post he […]

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Philip Nelson performs live at the #TalkAboutIt live Netathon for Epilepsy Awareness event.

Had a great time performing at the #TalkAboutIt live Netathon for Epilepsy webcast. Did a couple of solo songs and was joined by Actor Greg Grunberg on drums (Heroes, Lost, Star Wars: The Force Awakens) and Nick on Bass for the final song “Country Roads”. Great day of live music for a great cause!

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Taylor Swift attacked at the Grammy Awards.. WOW!

Taylor swift is a true pro.. Not many people could be attacked like this and keep on going.. Must watch!

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Interview: Russell Brand turns tables in unprofessional MSNBC interview.

Comedian Russell Brand makes an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.. Things don’t start off well when the host makes a few condescending remarks which is just the beginning of the downward spiral this interview takes. Kudo’s to Russell Brand for staying interesting and funny in spite of the poor interview.. 5:30 it starts getting interesting […]

Saturday with Scarlet ends up with this recording of “Clouds”

Having a Dad and daughter morning. We have been singing.. When Scarlet sang the song “Clouds”, I couldn’t help but record and post it! 🙂 Sweet song and a sweet girl.

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Programmer hacks Tetris to draw video game characters

From Mashable: Programmer Michael Birken’s new way of drawing video game characters is probably more complicated than it needs to be, but all the more incredible for it. Birken designed an algorithm that can place single blocks of color in Tetris by strategically building and destroying lines at lightning speed. Precisely place enough blocks, and […]

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One of the most inspirational songs I’ve heard in a long time!

Just read the story of Zach Sobiech, a teen who was suffering from a rare form of cancer. He knew that he was reaching the end of his life and turned to music as a way to leave a message behind for his friends and family. I got chills when I heard his song, “Clouds”. […]

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Interview: By Lighting – The music behind the Subaru “Take Your Daughter To Work Day” commercial.

My 10 year old daughter, Sage couldn’t stop singing “Future History” after catching this Subaru commercial on television. For days, she begged me to download it from iTunes. After a few searches, I learned that the song was created by a band called “By Lightning” exclusively for Subaru. At that time, nowhere to be found […]

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