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The best French band you will ever hear!

I love finding a band that I’ve never heard of and then the totally blow me away.. I was browsing the Amoeba Records website checking out their live streaming of in-store performances thinking that I should pitch them on TriCaster. The first band that popped up was a French band named “Revolver”.. I started watching […]

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Review – GeekBeat.TV – The MUST have iPad app for musicians.

I’m a gigging musician and managing the lyrics/chords for the many songs that get requested used to take up a huge binder. After discovering the iPad app, SongBook Pro ChordPro, I only need my trusty iPad. Watch this review and the immediately go buy the app.

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Review: GeekBeat.TV – AmpliTube 2, iRig & iKlip

During a recent visit to the Livid Lobster studios in Dallas, Cali Lewis asked me if I would review a few music related products for her. My first video was posted today.. Check it out! If you want to see my debut on the site, click HERE

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Review: Captain America: The First Avenger – AWESOME family movie!

I’ve been waiting with anticipation for the release of “Captain America: The First Avenger”.  As with any modern film, I’m normally disappointed with the unnecessary bad language and adult situations. I’m pleased to report that director, Joe Johnston was not only true to the American spirit of Captain America but he keep romance and bad […]

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10 Last minute Christmas gifts under $50.00

1.Space Pen At any price, this is my favorite pen that I have ever owned. Writes great and is small enough to fit in front pocket unnoticed. Refills are only $4.95.. Buy this pen! 2.Emergency Radio I gave Emergency Radios to many of my family members. Most thought it was a silly gift but that […]

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Is Iron Man 2 family appropriate?

Iron Man 2 has been hammered a bit by critics so I wasn’t expecting much when I purchased my ticket.  Considering that Tony Stark is a hard drinking womanizer, I don’t believe anyone has delusions of Iron Man 2 being a Disney style family film. After hitting a midnight showing, I’m excited to say that […]

TriCaster makes Jason Calacanis’ “Top Tech Products” list!

I was SOOOO excited when I read Jason’s recent post about his top tech products and found TriCaster listed on his list of top 15 tech products! I’m honored to have been part of helping him launch his live production studio that is powered by TriCaster! Jason Calacanis’ Top Tech Products (And A Political Rant) […]

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Cali Lewis gives TriCaster XD300 some love on

Earlier this week, I headed to Dallas for “Cali’s Streaming Christmas Party” where she did worlds FIRST big event webcast with TriCaster XD300! Check out whre she gave the newest TriCaster a little love! Buttery Love! (Just watch the video and you’ll know what I mean.)

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Help me destroy my XBox 360!

We’ll I’m at my wits end. After 3 XBox 360 failures, I think I’m done.. Everyone that owns an XBox is familiar with the Red Ring of death design flaw of the XBox 360.. Microsoft wants to charge me to fix it and I’m really tired of giving them more money.. That is where YOU […]

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The best Christmas gift under $50.00

Over the years, I’ve purchased many, many Christmas gifts for my family. Usually the gift is appreciated, put away and forgotten. Last Christmas, I decided to give everyone in my family something useful, emergency radios. I must admit that there were confused looks on the faces of my family members when they opened these radios. Shortly […]

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