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Easter Bunny saves the day!

Just when you think you have seen it all, Florida brings more insanity our way. Enjoy the Easter Bunny street brawl.

How to make fire with a Lemon

This video really blew my mind.. How to make fire with a lemon! Items needed: 6 Copper Brads 6 Zinc Nails 1 Lemon 7 Wires 1 Piece of Steel Wool Survival Fire!  

How to cook and egg inside a potato

Cooking an egg inside a potato is a fun thing to try when camping with the kids!

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Peter Himmelman “For Musicians, Singers, and the People Who Love Them”

My good friend and music mentor, Peter Himmelman is one of the biggest thinkers I know. He is in that rare group of friends that will listen to anything he has to say. Yesterday he did a post on his blog called, “For Musicians, Singers, and the People Who Love Them”. In this post he […]

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Taylor Swift attacked at the Grammy Awards.. WOW!

Taylor swift is a true pro.. Not many people could be attacked like this and keep on going.. Must watch!

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A&E Kills “Golden Duck”! Suspends Phil Robertson from show.

After the fallout from Phil Robertson’s interview with GQ, A&E execs cave to pressure and suspend the star of the show, Phil Robertson. Many are expressing outrage claiming that Phil was spreading hate speech. I read the interview and it seemed like his opinion but I never read “hate” into his comments. A&E has placed […]

Drill Sargent Gets Unexpected Answer from Sad Little Boy.

This may be one of the most heartbreaking YouTube videos I have ever seen.. Drill Sargent is trying to scare a 10 year old kid straight and gets a expected reply.. MUST WATCH!

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This is a must watch video.. You will be inspired! GENEROSITY

There is so much garbage floating around the internet these days that it’s refrishing to see a video that makes you feel like time was WELL SPENT watching it. Do yourself a favor and watch this video.

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Cubans get creative to help make thier lives easier.

Very cool segment from MotherboardTV about how Cubans have taken MAKING to the next level out of necessity. Super interesting!

Why it’s Awesome to be a Nerd – By Wil Wheaton

Shortly after his run as Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Wil Wheaton joined the nerdiest company of all time, NewTek. At a recent convention, Will was asked “why it’s awesome to be a nerd” and gave this fantastic answer. Enjoy.. Proud to have him as a NewTek alum!