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Greatest Commercial EVER!!

This commercial for beans is Super Bowl worthy.. WATCH IT NOW! Congrats to the Cinesite crew who put together this masterpiece… CREDITS Client: Cinesite Written and Directed: Alvise Avati Producer: Eamonn Butler VFX Supervisor: Richard Clarke Art Direction: Jean-David Solon Concept Art: Andrea de Martis Modelling and Rigging: Grahame Curtis, Royston Willcocks, Richard Boyle Animation: […]

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Why it’s Awesome to be a Nerd – By Wil Wheaton

Shortly after his run as Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Wil Wheaton joined the nerdiest company of all time, NewTek. At a recent convention, Will was asked “why it’s awesome to be a nerd” and gave this fantastic answer. Enjoy.. Proud to have him as a NewTek alum!

Early Viral Video: Dancing Baby

The Dancing Baby video aka Oogachaka Baby swept through the internet like a wildfire and even catipulted the dancing baby to a co-starring role on “Ally McBeal”.. Interesting piece of NewTek trivia.. The dancing baby scenes for Ally McBeal were done by NewTek’s VP or 3D, Rob Powers.  

Iranian leaders vow to take on Avatar!

    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his crack staff of film experts, take in a 3D showing of Avatar earlier this month. Ahmadinejad promises that Iran will have it’s own version of Avatar that will rival anything that the west could produce!

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Early Review of GI Joe – Ain’t it Cool News

As a GI Joe fan since the day I was born, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of the GI Joe movie.. Here is an early review of the movie from the legendary film site, Ain’t it Cool News. I was expecting this movie to be far more jokey, tons of cheese and really serious […]

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William Vaughan turns KISS into M&M’s!

LightWave legend, William Vaugh aka Proton recently created an awesome KISS ad for M&M’s. William is also the creator of Tofu the Vegan Zombie! See more of Williams work HERE

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What is the LightWave CORE all about? Find out at 3PM today!

  Everyone is trying to figure out the mystery of the CORE.. The entire 3D animation world is waiting on pins and needles. Today at 3pm Central Time, log onto for answers!

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Pepsi/Dreamworks release 3D commercial during Superbowl

The most exciting thing I saw this year at CES was 3D on standard televisions!! WOW! I can’t wait for this to hit our homes on a regular basis. The technology used polarized lenses rather than the old school “red//blue Lens” glasses. I was soo excited to see the Pepsi/Dreamworks promotion of their 3D commercial […]

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NFL to broadcast game in 3-D

Yes.. I’m a total nerd for 3D.. I always make sure to take the family to see the latest cool 3D movies at the local theater. Just last week, I took the crew to a preview showing of Bolt in 3D.. Now comes something for the Dads… The NFL has just announced that they plan […]

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