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Did the iPhone finally jump the shark?

Did iPhone finally “Jump the Shark”? When Steve Jobs was alive, iPhone was all about polish and ease of use… Since his death, they have released two major features while still in “beta” Siri and the new Maps application. Check out this scathing review of the new Apple Maps app from Mashable. HERE

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Want to TROLL your mac owning friends?

I’ll start by saying, I’m a Mac user…. We all know those irritating mac people who really think they are better than anyone without an apple on their computer. Our friends at give us this handy guide to getting back.

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Building 43: The coolest iPad application ever invented

Robert Scoble of Building 43/Rackspace interviews Etienne Mineur and discusses what may be the coolest iPad app/technology i’ve seen. It’s basically a Disney game that uses plastic figures placed on the iPad screen as pawns in a game. The iPad can actually differentiate between the different character figures when they placed on the screen. After […]

Conan O’Brien gives the new FinalCut X a shoutout!

First Apple drops support for Office/Entourage Calendars in MobileMe… Now they alienate pretty much their entire FinalCut fan base.. Including Conan O’Brien’s editing team. Enjoy.

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