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Greatest Commercial EVER!!

This commercial for beans is Super Bowl worthy.. WATCH IT NOW! Congrats to the Cinesite crew who put together this masterpiece… CREDITS Client: Cinesite Written and Directed: Alvise Avati Producer: Eamonn Butler VFX Supervisor: Richard Clarke Art Direction: Jean-David Solon Concept Art: Andrea de Martis Modelling and Rigging: Grahame Curtis, Royston Willcocks, Richard Boyle Animation: […]

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This is a must watch video.. You will be inspired! GENEROSITY

There is so much garbage floating around the internet these days that it’s refrishing to see a video that makes you feel like time was WELL SPENT watching it. Do yourself a favor and watch this video.

Why it’s Awesome to be a Nerd – By Wil Wheaton

Shortly after his run as Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Wil Wheaton joined the nerdiest company of all time, NewTek. At a recent convention, Will was asked “why it’s awesome to be a nerd” and gave this fantastic answer. Enjoy.. Proud to have him as a NewTek alum!

Are you feeling old? Age means NOTHING! Dancing Grandpa

When you start thinking you are getting old just watch this video of the dancing grandpa.. get off your butt and don’t take “I’m too old” for an answer! 🙂

Little Boy’s Toy Train Takes a Trip to Space

I saw this video on and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! A Dad sends his sons favorite toy to space and back. Enjoy!

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GI Joe Retaliation Trailer

Looks like a midnight showing is in my future! YO Joe!!!

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The best French band you will ever hear!

I love finding a band that I’ve never heard of and then the totally blow me away.. I was browsing the Amoeba Records website checking out their live streaming of in-store performances thinking that I should pitch them on TriCaster. The first band that popped up was a French band named “Revolver”.. I started watching […]

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10 Last minute Christmas gifts under $50.00

1.Space Pen At any price, this is my favorite pen that I have ever owned. Writes great and is small enough to fit in front pocket unnoticed. Refills are only $4.95.. Buy this pen! 2.Emergency Radio I gave Emergency Radios to many of my family members. Most thought it was a silly gift but that […]

The Cult – Definitive Music Video Collection

In honor of a recent “Cult” concert I’ll be attended, I wanted to share a definitive list of music videos by the greatest rock band of the 80’s and quite possibly of all time. Enjoy. We will open the collection with one of my all time favorites, “Wildflower” Lil Devil She Sells Sanctuary Firewoman Love […]

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