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Prank: Howie Mandel debuts “Sintensity” aka Liquid A$$

The master of the prank, Howie Mandel does it again with the debut of his new scent, Sintensity!

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Farting on Police Officer = Battery

This has to be one of the weirdest storys I’ve seen this month.   Jose Cruze, of West Virgina, was pulled over for a DUI.  During the traffic stop, Cruz moved close to the officer and the ripped a nice one on him. Must have been pretty RANK to qualify for battery of an officer. LOL… Read the […]

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Market Watch: Reasons why you’ll rejoice when we hit $8 per gallon gas

Stumbled across this article on Market Watch this eveing.. Reasons why you’ll rejoice when we hit $8 per gallon gas.. Some interesting reasons.. I’ll list the headings and let you read the details in the original article. 1. RIP for the internal-combustion engine 2. Economic stimulus 3. Wither the Middle East’s clout 4. Deflating oil […]

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