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TSA pats down screaming 3 year old girl. Suggests playing touching game.

We teach our children to never allow anyone to touch them in inappropriate ways or in private areas and the TSA comes along and starts patting down children in the areas that they have been taught to protect!  In this video the TSA rep said they agents should try to turn the pat down into […]

Article: Airports consider congressman’s call to ditch TSA

The invasive search techniques that the TSA has recently implement are FORTUNATELY causing a backlash against the bloated Federal department. ATLANTA (AP) — In a climate of Internet campaigns to shun airport pat-downs and veteran pilots suing over their treatment by government screeners, some airports are considering another way to show dissatisfaction: Ditching TSA agents […]

I like Jessica’s attitude!

I always tell my kids that happiness is a choice! I think Jessica would agree!

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Always wear your seatbelt.

After sharing that train wreck of a movie “the Human Centipede” in a previous post. I thought it would a good idea to share something a little more positive. This is a very well done commercial to promote seatbelt usage. Enjoy.. Neil, I hope this post earns back your trust in my posts. 😉

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Natalie & Sage sing the National Anthem

Two of my daughters love singing the national anthem! Our oldest daughter started off singing the Star Spangled Banner a few years ago and our 5 year old wanted to get in on the fun. Tonight, Sage and Natalie sang the national anthem at the Upwards Basketball awards ceremony. Enjoy.  

The cutest 911 call you’ll ever hear

I won’t give you much commentary on this one.. Just check out this very cute 911 call from a 5 year old girl.

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San Antonio 11 year old, takes 2nd in ESPN X Games Snowskate Exhibition

This week at the ESPN X Games in Aspen, Co, Noel Nelson took 2nd place in the FUSE Snowskate Freestyle Jam. Out of over 15 contestants, Noel’s Manual Rail grind pushed him to the top of the back. “Winning 2nd in the snowskate competition was amazing,” said Nelson. “Having only seen snow twice in my […]

The best Christmas gift under $50.00

Over the years, I’ve purchased many, many Christmas gifts for my family. Usually the gift is appreciated, put away and forgotten. Last Christmas, I decided to give everyone in my family something useful, emergency radios. I must admit that there were confused looks on the faces of my family members when they opened these radios. Shortly […]

Must watch video for fans of Super Mario Brothers

A remote control car and wine bottles filled with water can be pretty impressive in the hands of some very creative and patient guys. Enjoy this video of the the Super Mario Brothers theme song. Thanks to John Poz for alerting me to this VERY cool video. Read John’s blog HERE

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XBox 360 – 3 Red Lights of DEATH!!

I’ve heard horror stories of XBox 360 owners around the globe who have been hit by the “Red Ring of Death” aka Three red LEDs. Tonight I joined those ranks. After calling Microsoft for a repair, I learned that my XBox was out of warranty and the repair would cost $100!! A $400 game console […]