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Hooked – LightWave Animated Short

NewTek received an awesome letter from LightWave artist..Ben Cooper. I had to share the letter and his fantastic animated short with you! Hooked from Character Matters on Vimeo. My name is Ben Cooper and i am the lead-lighting artist at Character Matters Animation Studios in South Africa. Our short-film “Hooked” was lit, shaded and rendered […]

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WOAI Shows San Antonio the Magic of NewTek

San Antonio NBC affiliate, WOAI recently made a trip to NewTek to do a behind the scenes look at the magic we make!

Early Viral Video: Dancing Baby

The Dancing Baby video aka Oogachaka Baby swept through the internet like a wildfire and even catipulted the dancing baby to a co-starring role on “Ally McBeal”.. Interesting piece of NewTek trivia.. The dancing baby scenes for Ally McBeal were done by NewTek’s VP or 3D, Rob Powers.  

Learn how the virtual worlds in Avatar were created!

My good buddy Rob Powers was the mastermind behind the virutal worlds in the hit movie Avatar. During SIGGRAPH 2010, he did a presentation in the NewTek booth that showed you how he created these award winning effects. In this video he’s not show the actual Avatar worlds but he is show how they linked […]

Nuclear Waste Disposal in Downtown Topeka

Was visiting with some friends from today and we were discussing some of the old school NewTek antics and the old Nuclear Waste Disposal prank came up. Enjoy..

William Vaughan turns KISS into M&M’s!

LightWave legend, William Vaugh aka Proton recently created an awesome KISS ad for M&M’s. William is also the creator of Tofu the Vegan Zombie! See more of Williams work HERE

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What is the LightWave CORE all about? Find out at 3PM today!

  Everyone is trying to figure out the mystery of the CORE.. The entire 3D animation world is waiting on pins and needles. Today at 3pm Central Time, log onto for answers!

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Who wants Free LightWave and upgrades for 5 years?

I recently posted about NewTek taking the entire staff to see the new Indiana Jones movie.. ON THE CLOCK.. Yes.. It’s a cool place to work.. Now, NewTek is doing something even cooler for our clients and cool friends… It’s called “LightWave 3D Model, Animate and Render Contest 2008” and the prizes are pretty sweet.. […]

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