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The Music Video is BACK! Kill the Noise Part 1 – Mike Diva

In an era of bland music videos that really serve no purpose, Mike Diva creates a piece of art that, in my humble opinion, rivals the awesomeness of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.. Sure.. The song “Kill the Noise” is not on the mainstream level of “Thriller” but the video is insanely addictive! Kick back and enjoy […]

Camille Cortinas “Save Your Breath”

I’m excited to share with you a music video from one of my favorite singer/songwriters, Camille Cortinas. “Save Your Breath” comes from her latest album “Taken Apart” Check out and buy her album below! Widgets

Happy Holidays from Miss Universe

I love my friends at the Miss Universe Organization! They have really changed my view of the pageant world. Before I started working with them, I expected it to be very superficial and snobby but after my first project, I knew.. These guys are legit. They work hard and play hard.. They are probably some […]