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This is a must watch video.. You will be inspired! GENEROSITY

There is so much garbage floating around the internet these days that it’s refrishing to see a video that makes you feel like time was WELL SPENT watching it. Do yourself a favor and watch this video.

Reuters: U.S. probes deaths for links to Monster energy drink

I’ve been saying for years that energy drinks are BAD NEWS. After drinking a couple of energy drinks, I was sent to the ER thinking I was having a heart attack. That scare ended up being very costly when it comes to increases in my life insurance premiums! Simply going to the cardiologist to make […]

Victory for FREEDOM! TSA Pulls Use Of Controversial Full Body Scanners At JFK, LaGuardia Airports

I’ve been shocked by how many people will blindly walk through the naked scanners at airports not thinking of the rights they are voluntarily giving up! Here is a win for freedom! TSA Pulls Use Of Controversial Full Body Scanners At JFK, LaGuardia Airports NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The controversial full body airport scanners are […]

Just when I thought nothing could cheer me up – Bad Lip Reading saves the day

After a horrible day dealing with my deleted YouTube channel, I thought nothing could cheer me up.. Then I discover the Bad Lip Reading video of the recent Presidential Debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. Need a laugh? Watch this immediately!

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Texas takes aim at getting rid of naked scanners

I’m filing this one under the “Don’t Mess with Texas” category! Kudos to Rep. David Simpson (R-Longview) for filing HB 1938, with the goal of making it a civil penalty for anyone working in a locally owned airport to install or operate whole-body imaging equipment — “including a device that uses backscatter x-rays or millimeter […]

Article: Menstruating woman subjected to TSA grope because panty-liner obscured her vulva on pornoscanner

It’s interesting to see some news outlets claiming that National Opt-Out day was a flop. Reports I’ve heard from travelers is that the TSA has chosen to opt-out of using the naked scanners today. Pretty smart move on their part. Ran across a disturbing article today on BoingBoing A self-described “rule follower” went through an […]

Will the Repo Man take away your organs?

I love movies that make you think.. Movies that mix social commentary with what “could” happen. Some films along these lines that come to mind are I Am Legend, Minority Report and Soylent Green. Looks like this summer holds another movie that will make you think, “Repo Men”. The premise is very cool. In the […]

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Ron Paul calls Ben Bernanke the greatest counterfeiter of all time.

Texas Congressman Ron Paul goes head to head with FOX news about Ben Bernanke and his money printing presses.