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The Art of Horsemanning aka fake beheading pics

You never know what you may run across as you browse crazy world wide web… I give you a new (old) craze that is sweeping the nation.. Horsemanning.. Horsemanning is the art of creating fake beheading photos… ENJOY! Interesting trivia.. named after the headless horseman hence the name.. Horsemanning For more Horsemanning antics visit the […]

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People of Walmart Song

I love the website, How fitting that someone created a music video! People Of Walmart Song – Watch more Funny Videos

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Amputated Hand Tattoo

The title of this blog post says it all! Thanks to for sharing this with the world!

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American Idol welcomes you to

I think I enjoy the beginning of American Idol when insane people who think they can sing audition and make fools of themselves, better than the actually competition. (Sorry for the run on sentence) This season is bringing out the crazies like never before. In honor of one of the weirdest ones I’ve seen.. I […]