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Streetball Stereotypes

My son Noel in on an AAU basketball team, San Antonio Elite. To help push their game, they play pickup games against adults at a local park. After watching these games for a few weeks, I got a HUGE laugh at this video. I’ve seen EVERY SINGLE ONE of these stereotypes. Enjoy!

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One of the most inspirational songs I’ve heard in a long time!

Just read the story of Zach Sobiech, a teen who was suffering from a rare form of cancer. He knew that he was reaching the end of his life and turned to music as a way to leave a message behind for his friends and family. I got chills when I heard his song, “Clouds”. […]

Google just RUINED my Week! Entire YouTube channel Deleted!

I’ve been dealing with Google/YouTube login madness all afternoon.. After hours of pain and frustration, I just found out that when deleting my extra G+ account, it deleted my entire YouTube channel.. WHAT?! Years of videos are gone.. POOF… Google.. Right now… I can’t express how much I hate you!!!!!! Sorry to my friends who […]

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Happy Star Wars Day.. May the 4th Be With You!

As May 4th aka Star Wars Day comes to a close, I thought it would only be fitting to share the Star Wars “Party with My Friends” Sing Along! May the 4th Be With You until next year!

Do you love cats? Well this lady loves them a little too much.

When “Debbie” uploaded her eHarmony video, I don’t think she could have ever dreamed of what an overnight sensation it would be. When the guys at Songify got ahold of it, magic was created.. Enjoy. “Can’t Hug Every Cat” the song. For some reference, here is the original eHarmony video. It’s true.. She REALLY does […]

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The FIRST YouTube Video

Check out the first video every uploaded to YouTube..

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