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Review: Star Wars Rogue One – Roller coaster ride from beginning to end

No Spoilers: On opening night, I took a crew of kids ranging from 8 to 18 to see Rogue One.. Going in, I loved the concept of learning the story behind how the rebels obtained the plans for the Death Star. I’ll start by saying that this is one of the darker of the Star […]

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I have released a new single to honor our deployed troops! “Christmas I’m Away”

My new single, “Christmas, I’m Away” is now available on iTunes.. Apple always beats Amazon to the punch.. This a song is for our deployed troops who are serving our country away from their families during the holidays. Co-written with Brian Irwin and recorded in Nashville. Download on iTunes

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4 Women – 4 Stringed instruments – INSANITY

These 4 women are ROCK STARS! WOW!

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Top 10 Tips for Holiday Travelers

I am what many would refer to as a ROAD WARRIOR. I travel for a living and have seen most of the fine airports and stayed in some of the top and worst hotels in America. Wanted to share a few tips I have learned over the years that may help make your holiday traveling […]

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Peter Himmelman “For Musicians, Singers, and the People Who Love Them”

My good friend and music mentor, Peter Himmelman is one of the biggest thinkers I know. He is in that rare group of friends that will listen to anything he has to say. Yesterday he did a post on his blog called, “For Musicians, Singers, and the People Who Love Them”. In this post he […]

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Philip Nelson performs live at the #TalkAboutIt live Netathon for Epilepsy Awareness event.

Had a great time performing at the #TalkAboutIt live Netathon for Epilepsy webcast. Did a couple of solo songs and was joined by Actor Greg Grunberg on drums (Heroes, Lost, Star Wars: The Force Awakens) and Nick on Bass for the final song “Country Roads”. Great day of live music for a great cause!

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Taylor Swift attacked at the Grammy Awards.. WOW!

Taylor swift is a true pro.. Not many people could be attacked like this and keep on going.. Must watch!

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Want to see what may be the best sports commercial EVER?

Well done Footlocker.. Well done!

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A&E Kills “Golden Duck”! Suspends Phil Robertson from show.

After the fallout from Phil Robertson’s interview with GQ, A&E execs cave to pressure and suspend the star of the show, Phil Robertson. Many are expressing outrage claiming that Phil was spreading hate speech. I read the interview and it seemed like his opinion but I never read “hate” into his comments. A&E has placed […]

Streetball Stereotypes

My son Noel in on an AAU basketball team, San Antonio Elite. To help push their game, they play pickup games against adults at a local park. After watching these games for a few weeks, I got a HUGE laugh at this video. I’ve seen EVERY SINGLE ONE of these stereotypes. Enjoy!

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