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Chuck Muncie, NFL Legend and Livestreaming pioneer, dies at 60

Just found out some very sad news. A long time cool friend of NewTek, Chuck Muncie has passed away from a heart attack at 60 years old. Chuck was know for his BEASTLY running on the field. Punishing any DB that dared tackle him… I got to know Chuck for a much different reason.. He […]

Interview: NAB 2013 with

During NAB 2013, came by the NewTek booth to talk TriCaster, 3Play and the NewTek Developer Network! Check out their site HERE

Victory for FREEDOM! TSA Pulls Use Of Controversial Full Body Scanners At JFK, LaGuardia Airports

I’ve been shocked by how many people will blindly walk through the naked scanners at airports not thinking of the rights they are voluntarily giving up! Here is a win for freedom! TSA Pulls Use Of Controversial Full Body Scanners At JFK, LaGuardia Airports NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The controversial full body airport scanners are […]

The Music Video is BACK! Kill the Noise Part 1 – Mike Diva

In an era of bland music videos that really serve no purpose, Mike Diva creates a piece of art that, in my humble opinion, rivals the awesomeness of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.. Sure.. The song “Kill the Noise” is not on the mainstream level of “Thriller” but the video is insanely addictive! Kick back and enjoy […]

A Clever Guide to Not Failing Miserably on Instagram!

Still trying to wrap your head around the awesomeness known as instagram? Filmmaker Casey Neistat, gives us all a handy guide on how to effectively use this simple yet powerful social media tool!

Wired: Man Successfully Flies With Custom-Built Bird Wings

A project started by engineers grandfather is realized using modern technology. Using videogame controllers, an Android phone and custom-built wings, a Dutch engineer named Jarno Smeets has achieved birdlike flight. Smeets flew like an albatross, the bird that inspired his winged-man invention, on March 18 at a park in The Hague. “I have always dreamed […]

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Want to TROLL your mac owning friends?

I’ll start by saying, I’m a Mac user…. We all know those irritating mac people who really think they are better than anyone without an apple on their computer. Our friends at give us this handy guide to getting back.

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Building 43: The coolest iPad application ever invented

Robert Scoble of Building 43/Rackspace interviews Etienne Mineur and discusses what may be the coolest iPad app/technology i’ve seen. It’s basically a Disney game that uses plastic figures placed on the iPad screen as pawns in a game. The iPad can actually differentiate between the different character figures when they placed on the screen. After […]

NFL to broadcast game in 3-D

Yes.. I’m a total nerd for 3D.. I always make sure to take the family to see the latest cool 3D movies at the local theater. Just last week, I took the crew to a preview showing of Bolt in 3D.. Now comes something for the Dads… The NFL has just announced that they plan […]

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