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Chuck Muncie, NFL Legend and Livestreaming pioneer, dies at 60

Just found out some very sad news. A long time cool friend of NewTek, Chuck Muncie has passed away from a heart attack at 60 years old. Chuck was know for his BEASTLY running on the field. Punishing any DB that dared tackle him… I got to know Chuck for a much different reason.. He […]

Real men wear pink! NFL to promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Everyone knows that football players are tough.. They get paid to smash each other every weekend. It’s was great to see these tough guys wearing pink on Sunday to promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Pink Cleats, pink sweatbands, pink gloves, pink hats and pink ribbon stickers as far as the eye could see.

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NFL to broadcast game in 3-D

Yes.. I’m a total nerd for 3D.. I always make sure to take the family to see the latest cool 3D movies at the local theater. Just last week, I took the crew to a preview showing of Bolt in 3D.. Now comes something for the Dads… The NFL has just announced that they plan […]

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