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Big buck at the Ranch.

Had a great weekend at the Ranch and found this AWESOME pic on one of my game cameras. Had to share it!

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Book Find: Back to the Basics

Half Price Books in San Antonio was having a Memorial Day 20% sale today and it was my duty to check out their stock and expand my EVER GROWING book collection. Picked up two books for my 2009 “Read a Fiction per Month Challenge” but the find of the night was a book published by […]

Skinning the Snake

When it comes to wildlife, I hate to waste anything that is killed. Since I waited too long, we couldn’t eat the Rattlesnake meat but I decided to try my hand at skinning it. Since I had pretty much blasted it’s head, I lost about 6 inches of savable snake.. First step was to cut […]

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Rattlesnake Roundup

Hoping to see a trophy buck, we spent the weekend with my Dad and my son at the ranch.  At the end of the day, we got more than we bargained for.. I head that dreaded rattle and looked down to see a +3ft long rattlesnake! To give you some perspective of the size, below […]

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Let the Paintball Wars Begin…

Ok.. For those that know me, you won’t be suprised to hear that I’ve found a new hobby.. Paintball.  It started with my son requesting a Paintball birthday party.  During my research for his party, I started looking to the costs of buying a paintball gun. WOW! You can really spend some cash on paintball. […]

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Philip turns into MAD MAX!

Today was a Ranch day and on the list of to do’s was building a fence around my valley game feeder… First stop was Country Boy’s Feed and Supply to pick up cattle panels and fence posts. The wire panels were a little bigger than I had hoped so we had to get creative when […]

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