Let the Paintball Wars Begin…

Ok.. For those that know me, you won’t be suprised to hear that I’ve found a new hobby.. Paintball.  It started with my son requesting a Paintball birthday party.  During my research for his party, I started looking to the costs of buying a paintball gun. WOW! You can really spend some cash on paintball. One of my long time NewTek clients runs an awesome paintball website called War Pig. He gave me some advice on which paintball gun.. Opps.. that should be paintball marker to keep from scaring people away from the sport.. 😉 Being the cheapskate that I am, I turned to eBay for a more affordable alternative.

Got a GREAT deal on a Tippman Custom 98 with mask and paintball hopper for just $40 including shipping.

When the gun arrived, a bunch of NewTekkers took turns shooting paintballs at Tim’s outdoor pizza oven.. Sorry Tim.. Wow! What a blast..

Here is a shot of Irene King taking out her aggression on a stack of pallates behind NewTek

On Saturday, I took the paintball gun to the ranch. My son Noel had a great time shooting a little target practice with our new gun. Notice that I added a $4 roll of camo tape to the gun to make it look super sweet..

Noel takes aim at some aggressive boards.. :)

Noel takes aim at some aggressive boards.. 🙂

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