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How to make fire with a Lemon

This video really blew my mind.. How to make fire with a lemon! Items needed: 6 Copper Brads 6 Zinc Nails 1 Lemon 7 Wires 1 Piece of Steel Wool Survival Fire!  

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How to cook and egg inside a potato

Cooking an egg inside a potato is a fun thing to try when camping with the kids!

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Leo Laporte talks about how he’s creating his LIVE coverage of CES 2011

While in Vegas for CES 2011, I had the opportunity sit down with Leo Laporte to talk about how he uses TriCaster to power My segment starts at 31 minutes into the show.

Fail Part 2: Whirlpool Duet Washing Machine – F02 Error

  I have previously posted my frusteration with the poor quality of the Whirlpool Duet washing machine. The joys of having a CPU in ever single device possible. After spending $180 on a new CPU during my last repair, I expected to have a worry free, clothes washing life. This week, my wife opens the […]

TriCaster makes Jason Calacanis’ “Top Tech Products” list!

I was SOOOO excited when I read Jason’s recent post about his top tech products and found TriCaster listed on his list of top 15 tech products! I’m honored to have been part of helping him launch his live production studio that is powered by TriCaster! Jason Calacanis’ Top Tech Products (And A Political Rant) […]

The most important video on the INTERNET!

Anyone that knows me, knows how much I love the hottest wings around. This video has changed my life!

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How To: Linking Twitter to Facebook

I’m a fan of most social media tools and found it to be cumbersome to keep each one individually updated. Here is a quick tutorial on linking your Twitter account with Facebook. 1. Search for Twitter in Facebook 2. At the top of the Search Results box, select “Applications” 3. Click on the “Twitter” application […]

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How to “Shim” a MasterLock

Thanks to for sharing this great video on how to use an aluminum can to “Shim” a MasterLock combination lock. Enjoy!!!

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