TriCaster makes Jason Calacanis’ “Top Tech Products” list!

I was SOOOO excited when I read Jason’s recent post about his top tech products and found TriCaster listed on his list of top 15 tech products! I’m honored to have been part of helping him launch his live production studio that is powered by TriCaster!

Jason Calacanis’ Top Tech Products (And A Political Rant)

15. Tricaster: The Tricaster by Newtek is a complete digital studio in a box. This amazing device allows me, and Leo Laporte, to create multicamera shoots without spending $100,000 building a studio and having a half dozen engineers on call for a show. Instead you drop $10,000 on this box and have one editor man the Tricaster and you’re done. Leo has used the Tricaster to create a $2M a year podcasting business with a half dozen employees and This Week in Startups is making over $250,000 a year in advertising after only a couple of months. The podcasting/video show revolution is powered by Tricaster. I love this product.

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