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U.S. consumers face “serious” inflation in the months ahead

USA Today posted an article that should serve as a WAKUP CALL to Americans. U.S. consumers face “serious” inflation in the months ahead for clothing, food and other products, the head of Wal-Mart’s U.S. operations warned Wednesday. The world’s largest retailer is working with suppliers to minimize the effect of cost increases and believes its […]

Animated unemployment map

Based on the rampant increases in unemployment, I’m guessing that Stimulus 1 & 2 aren’t working. After looking at this video, I’m glad that I live in San Antonio, TX!

Book Find: Back to the Basics

Half Price Books in San Antonio was having a Memorial Day 20% sale today and it was my duty to check out their stock and expand my EVER GROWING book collection. Picked up two books for my 2009 “Read a Fiction per Month Challenge” but the find of the night was a book published by […]

I want a Tractor

After a great weekend at the ranch, I’ve got Tractor bug.. 😉 I don’t know where it came from but now I want to get a Tractor.  Not looking for anything fancy just an old Ford. Who would have ever guess that I would actually be considering a tractor. Good times!!  

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Delta Farm Press warns of tough times ahead.

A few months ago, I posted that America was acting like a giant ostrich with its head in the sand.. Read Post HERE Today, I ran across an interesting from Delta Farm Press article entitled, “Batten down the hatches, road ahead’s looking rocky”. It basically lays out the facts that face American farmers. Insane demand, […]

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