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Want to TROLL your mac owning friends?

I’ll start by saying, I’m a Mac user…. We all know those irritating mac people who really think they are better than anyone without an apple on their computer. Our friends at give us this handy guide to getting back.

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Jewel Pranks Brad Paisley

My friends know of my Jewel obsession. Thanks to my pal at the Country Music Hall of Fame, Mike Manning, I’m a recently become a Brad Paisley fan too. In honor of this new addition to my list of cool musical artists, I give you.. Jewel pranks Brad..

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Prank: Howie Mandel debuts “Sintensity” aka Liquid A$$

The master of the prank, Howie Mandel does it again with the debut of his new scent, Sintensity!

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Mean Bunny: April Fools Prank

Nice setup!!

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