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Building 43: The coolest iPad application ever invented

Robert Scoble of Building 43/Rackspace interviews Etienne Mineur and discusses what may be the coolest iPad app/technology i’ve seen. It’s basically a Disney game that uses plastic figures placed on the iPad screen as pawns in a game. The iPad can actually differentiate between the different character figures when they placed on the screen. After […]

FastCompany TV: A New Way to do live TV Production

Before he joined Rackspace and, Robert Scoble sat down with me to discuss TriCaster for

Tweeting a Blind Date!

Tech legend, kr8tr aka Rob La Gesse of Building 43 always has interesting stories to tell but I think his “Twittering a Blind Date” post is classic.. Some highlights of the Date.. kr8tr BDU 5 – ok. got caught typing on my phone. Disapproving look from the PHD. Not good. Will be more discreet. ABOUT […]