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Little Boy’s Toy Train Takes a Trip to Space

I saw this video on and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! A Dad sends his sons favorite toy to space and back. Enjoy!

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Did the iPhone finally jump the shark?

Did iPhone finally “Jump the Shark”? When Steve Jobs was alive, iPhone was all about polish and ease of use… Since his death, they have released two major features while still in “beta” Siri and the new Maps application. Check out this scathing review of the new Apple Maps app from Mashable. HERE

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Robert Scoble: “Video Production for the Rest of Us Arrives with New TriCaster 40”

Master of tech, streaming and all things cutting edge, Robert Scoble takes a first look at the new TriCaster 40 from NewTek! Leo Laporte uses a NewTek TriCaster to produce the video shows on the network. So do many professional video producers, TV stations, etc. But getting a TriCaster usually costs more than $20,000. […]

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Review – GeekBeat.TV: Apogee Duet 2

During a recent visit to see my friends at, Cali Lewis asked me to do some more music product reviews. In this segment, I review the Apogee Duet 2 recording interface for mac. Check it out! Here is a link to the review on the GeekBeat site.

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Not sure what to get your Dad for Fathers Day?

I have some great suggestions for anyone searching for a last minute.. UNIQUE gift for their Dad’s this weekend! 1. The Most UseLess Box – This will keep Dad busy for HOURS! 2. Buckyballs – Addictive magnetic balls that will keep a Dad and their kids busy for hours. For some reason, Mom’s are immune […]

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Getting ready for the #140 Conf in NYC! Who wants to go?

I’m excited and honored to be invited to speak at the #140 Conf in New York next week! If you are in the NY area and would like to go, send me a message and MAY just have an extra pass to the event! 🙂 Want more info? Visit

Amazing Tron Dance performed by Wrecking Orchestra

I’ve seen this video link floating around facebook and totally expected it to be a very dorky Tron tribute… Because so many people were sharing it, I decided to go ahead and give it a watch.. WOAH.. It’s actually pretty sweet. Love the bullet time effect!

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Is your HP printer initializing every 5 minutes? I may have discovered the secret!

I purchased an HP LaserJet CM1415fnw last night and setup seemed pretty straight forward and easy.. All was well until I tried to go to sleep. Every 5 minutes, the printer would reboot and initialize.. DROVE ME CRAZY. I spent an hour online with HP tech support and they determined it was most likely a […]

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Happy Star Wars Day.. May the 4th Be With You!

As May 4th aka Star Wars Day comes to a close, I thought it would only be fitting to share the Star Wars “Party with My Friends” Sing Along! May the 4th Be With You until next year!

GI Joe Retaliation Trailer

Looks like a midnight showing is in my future! YO Joe!!!

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