Three Flat Tires in 24 Hours.

For those that follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that two weekends ago, I posted.. “Stuck at the Ranch – Two Flat Tires”…

We’ll I wanted to share my fun weekend with all the readers here. 🙂

My Dad and I were taking my son out to my west Texas ranch for a weekend of hanging out… On the way out in my Dad’s truck, we got our first flat tire.. Because American Car makers don’t thing ahead, the Jack wasn’t tall enough to lift the tire off the ground.. after an hour of jacking up the truck, stacking rocks under the frame and then re-jacking, we finally had the spare on the truck… Off to the cabin for a weekend of fun..

An hour later while driving on a ranch road, my keen hearing heard the familiar hisss of another leaking time… Anyone that knows anything about cars, knows there there is only ONE Spare… I turned the truck around.. Drove back to the cabin and propped the truck up on rocks BEFORE the tire went flat and sat down to hatch a plan to get us back to civilization..

NOTE: We are so far out that there is LITTLE cell phone reception.. Only on top of a mountain.. Fortunatly, that is where I was. 🙂

I called my realtor, Ed White and asked him for help. He showed up at the cabin 4 hours later with two cans of “Fix-a-Flat”… Unfortunatley, the rocks of West Texas were too much and the tire were sliced by razor sharp pieces of flint..

Since Plan B was a bust, Plan C was that Ed would come back in the morning with a Tire Patching Kit and we would try to patch the tires..

Morning arrives and so does ED.. We try to patch flat tire #1 and the rocks win again.. Fortunately flat tire #2 holds air..

We all jump in the truck and head to town.. 30 minutes later we are safely in Rocksprings, TX and the patch seems to be holding.

Being Sunday there was no way to get the tire repaired in Rocksprings so we decided to head to Kerrvillle which is about an hour away.. As we hit the mid-point between Rocksprings and Kerrville, I noticed a all too familir sound coming from the front left tire… ANOTHER FLAT!

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