Food Rationing Begins on East and West Coast

Something that I’ve been commenting about recently is the rising cost of food.. Today, I ready a scary story in the New York Sun entitled, “Food Rationing Confronts Breadbasket of the World“. In the article, it talks about how rice, wheat, oil and more are in short supply and that some stores are beginning to ration the staples.

Rice Stockpiles - Courtesy 620 WTMJ

Here in San Antonio, I haven’t seen rationing yet but I have noticed empty pallets in Sam’s Club. Rice, Flour and more seem to be “hot sellers” as of late. The price of cooking oil is through the roof and prices don’t seem to be leveling off.

If we aren’t already in a major recession, I’ll be shocked.. I guess the question is.. How long and how deep?

In addition to food, I’ve heard rumors that hunting ammo is going up too. This afternoon, I visited a local sporting goods store to check out this rumor.. The price of many hunting cartridges has DOUBLED!!

Things are getting scary….

We’ll I’ll catch you later, I’m off to stock up on rice.. 😉

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