NAB – Day 2 (It feels like day 9) – Boxing Legends

It’s amazing how draining a tradeshow can be. Whenever I think I’m too busy and have too much to do.. I always think of the scene in Jerry McGuire when he comes home after being fired, checks his answering machine and hears “No New Messages”… I’m thankful that TriCraster is such a hot product and that I have so many people interested in seeing it that I was booked all day today (30 minute meetings) with no lunch break and still didn’t get to all of the key accounts and press that wanted to see our new offerings.

I had the opportunity to interview two legends of boxing today at the NewTek booth, Sterling McPherson and Mike McCallum.

Nelson interviews boxing legends McCallum & McPherson during NAB 2008

Wanted to let you know a little about these two legends of boxing and all around great guys.

Mike McCallum: Boxing Hall of Fame; 3 Time Champion — WBA Junior Middleweight Champion, WBA Middleweight Champion, WBC Light Heavyweight Champion; Record: Won 49 (36 KO), Lost 5, Drawn1. He was never knocked out.

Sterling McPherson: Called “Manager of the Decade” by HBO Sports in 2000, and “Manager of the Year” by the IBF in 1996 and 1997. He is also the editor of Boxing Illustrated.

It was an honor to meeting Sterling and Mike and the webcast today was a huge hit with their fans at the show and on the web.

Nelson, McPherson, Jeffers & McCallum

Left to Right:
Philip Nelson, Sterling McPherson, Mark Jeffers and Mike McCallum

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