KISS Concert 2008 – In the Can

Wow! What a day.. I arrived at the Tweeter Center this morning at 8am to get ready for the New Kids on the Block soundcheck and to record their interview with TriCaster. I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting much from these guys but was blown away by how cool they were! They did TONS of interviews and were a laid back cool group o’ guys..

TriCaster Streams New Kids on the Block Interview

As posted earlier, you can see how many people we saw over the course of today.. Everyone from Natasha Bedingfield to The Jonas Brothers.. A big surprise for me today was one of the earlier interviews, Metro Station. They were a group of agressive looking guys.. A bit of a Punk Flair. During their interview, I found out that the most tatooed dude of the bund was Miley Cyrus’ brother! He and one other guy in the band met on the set of Hannah Montana and started Metro Station. Very cool band and I’m sure they are going to be HUGE!

Another cool story from the day was hanging out with Gavin DeGraw.

Gavin DeGraw Interview - KISS Concert 2008

He had already done his interview and was just hanging back state.. I ended up visting with him for about 20 mintues.. Turns out he in days gone by, he would frequent the legendary Hell’s Kitchen drinking hole, Rudy’s. He had some great stories about guys he had met at Rudy and his early days of breaking into the music business. Gavin recommend a movie about Hell’s Kitchen and I’m going to pass it on to the readers of my blog… “State of Grace” starring Gary Oldman.

KISS 108 will be posting all of the interviews we streamed today on their site.. Check them out at

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