Who wants to get “Smart”?

Wow! Will the increasing price of gas level off anytime soon? We are almost to the point when it makes sense to “upgrade” to a more fuel efficient car. During a recent trip to Europe, I got a kick out of seeing the streets lined with SMART cars. These cars look like they are barely big enough to hold a person much less survive a crash on the mean streets of America.

SMART Car - Paris France - Philip Nelson

With gas prices hitting records, I’ve noticed SMART dealers popping up in the “Land of the SUV”, Texas. These cars claim to get 68 MPG for highway driving, can go from 0 to 60 in 15 seconds and pricing starts around $16,000.00. Call me crazy, but I’m actually considering one of these for both the novelty and gas savings.

A recent article announced that the SMART received a 4 Star Crash Rating. I’ve been trying to find more details on this as I have doubts about the survivability of a SMART driver that meets up with a Suburban or pickup on a Texas highway.

Want to reserve your SMART? Visit SMART’s website at www.SMARTUSA.com

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