Spencer Pratt & Heidi Montag live from Atlantis

Heidi Montag is performing at the 2009 Miss Universe Pageant and on Saturday, Aug 22 did their first live webcast on their uStream.tv channel, Speidiweb using NewTek TriCaster.

I arrived at the Speidi Suite at 2:30pm. Setup the TriCaster and cameras and by 3pm we were streaming live to the web.

Specer gets a haircut

Before the webcast, Spencer needed a haircut. We decided to stream the haircut live to the web for thousands of fans to enjoy.

Speidi Preshow

Jorge, Anna, Spencer, Philip and Spencer before the webcast.


Spencer and Heidi chat with fans during a live Speidiweb webcast.


A sunburned Philip Nelson, runs TriCaster for the SpeidiWeb webcast. Yes that is the Speidi love nest over my shoulder! 😉

Speidi and Philip

Throughout the webcast, Spencer and Heidi kept asking me to take a picture with them. Afterward, I finally gave in and said yes. 🙂

Enjoy the show.. The actual show starts at around 28min. The first section is an audioless look at Spedi’s lunch and haircut.

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