Today is Duran Duran Appreciation Day

I get my “chops busted” by many of my friends who are too “MANLY” to admit they like Duran Duran and compare them to the likes of the Backstreet Boys and Insync.. There are some HUGE differences between DD and the boy bands of the 90’s..

1. Duran Duran doesn’t suck.
2. Duran Duran plays musical instruments.. BB and InSync don’t.
3. Duran Duran doesn’t choreograph their “act” In fact, DD is horrible at dancing.
4. Duran Duran writes their own music.

and finally
5. See #1

In honor of Duran Duran Appreciation Day, I wanted to share a cool DD video. Even after all these years, they can still pack an arena.

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