Help me destroy my XBox 360!

We’ll I’m at my wits end. After 3 XBox 360 failures, I think I’m done.. Everyone that owns an XBox is familiar with the Red Ring of death design flaw of the XBox 360.. Microsoft wants to charge me to fix it and I’m really tired of giving them more money..

That is where YOU come in. I’m looking for a creative way to destroy this horrible beast.. I thought about blasting it with a 12 gauge shotgun but that’s been done.. In fact, a YouTube search for XBox Shotgun returns over 8000 items.

I thought.. How about burning it with Thermite! Already done too..

I’m open to some creative and entertaining ways to destroy this XBox 360.
– Drop from a Helicopter
– Burn with an industrial laser
– Run over with a truck
– Blow up with gasoline

I would appreciate you help in giving this expensive door stop a fitting end!

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