Interview: Sports a Driving Force at Streaming Media East

From Sports Video Group

Streaming Media East kicked off Tuesday at the New York Hilton, with sports once again a buzz topic in the aisles. Those aisles seemed significantly more crowded than they were a year ago, as more customers are returning to the show floor looking to educate themselves, determine their strategy, and purchase streaming solutions that can bring sports content to a wider audience.

“Streaming is coming of age,” says Philip Nelson, SVP of strategic development for NewTek. “Everybody wants it, and everybody knows they need to find their strategy, so the traffic on the show floor has been good. We’re seeing a lot of new faces because everyone needs to have a streaming strategy. People are here trying to learn.”
While attendees are soaking up knowledge on the floor, exhibitors are stirring the pot, meeting new faces, catching up with current clients, and engaging more deeply with the streaming-media community in ways that are far more meaningful than a year ago.

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