Bye Bye Twitter

I would say that I’m one of the more well versed social media guys in my circle of friends and have always tried to make sure my various “tools” are linked together. Here on my blog, I’ve had Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Plaxo all integrated to allow me to do a single post and have it ripple through my social networking buffet.

Recent changes to twitter have thrown a wrench into my plans. I updated my WordPress Twitter plugin, Twitter Tools, and learned that due some changes in Twitter, I had to register my blog as a Twitter application. I’m not a programmer or web developer and once you start diving into API and various “programmer speak” my eyes glaze over and I go play FrontierVille on Facebook. I spend about 30 min trying to decipher the instructions for setting it up and then came to the conclusion that I really don’t need Twitter integrated into my blog.

Good bye Twitter on my blog.. I’ll miss you.. Actually.. I don’t think I will!


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